Rescue Operations

For marine emergencies 24/7:

  • Call “Coast Guard Radio” on a VHF channel 16 or

  • Dial 911 on a mobile phone (or landline)

  • Cellular: #727

  • Satellite, local or out of area: 250-413-8933

Marine distress calls initiated in our region are managed by the Canadian Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Victoria. The JRCC, staffed by trained Canadian Forces and Canadian Coast Guard personnel, is manned 24 hours a day.

JRCC Victoria
is located at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt and is responsible for planning, coordinating, controlling and conducting aeronautical and maritime search and rescue (SAR) operations within Victoria’s Search and Rescue Region (SRR). In addition, JRCC co-ordinates search and rescue units’ response for humanitarian incidents in accordance with national policy and regional directives.

Once JRCC is notified that a person(s) is in danger, the SAR Coordinator begins to organize the rescue. All available information about the person(s) in danger is gathered and recorded and the positions of potential assisting resources in the area of the incident are determined. SAR Coordinators are trained to evaluate various situations and send the most effective resources to deal with a particular incident.