Your Safety

The more you know about where you are, where you are going and the conditions you may face… the safer and more enjoyable your boating adventure will be.


 You can plan your next voyage with the official RCM-SAR Safe Boating App?
iOS Devices, or  Android Devices.

RCM-SAR provides a boating safety program which serves several purposes.

  • First, it encourages safe boating education and practices to all age groups of the community.
  • Secondly, boating safety is often Station 59’s initial contact with the public for the recruitment of new members and for our fund-raising efforts.
  • Contact us for information on what we can offer you or your group on boating safety.

Bobbie the Safety Boat is an interactive remotely controlled land based “boat” designed to interact with children in order to communicate about boating safety. Bobbie is taken to locations such as shopping malls, schools and numerous Boating Safety events where the “boat” captures the imaginations of children and adults alike, while teaching the importance of Boating Safety. Look for us at all your local events, Or invite us to attend!

Kids Don’t Float Program Guide (PDF)

Boating Safety Tips

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