Station 59 Tasking Summary

March 2016

March 2, 2016:
Called out to assist a 75′ seiner grounded inside P-40 at Repulse Point on Denman Island.
Wind: SE-20, Seas: 6′

March 8, 2016:
Tasked to check out reported sighting of two red flares off the northern end of Hornby Island. False alarm.
Wind: SE-20, Seas: 4′

March 14, 2016:
Mayday. Person in the water from a kayak off Whaling Station Bay, Hornby Island. Kayaker assisted by a diving vessel near scene, transferred to responding CCG vessel, and returned to shore at Whaling Station Bay.
Wind: SE-20, Seas: 3′

RCM-SAR Stats, February 2016: