Know Your Charts!

July 21, 2017        SAR Unit 59 Tasked at 07:00 32’ Sailboat aground on reef at Phipps Point, Lambert Channel, Hornby Island. Husband, wife and two pre-teen daughters and family dog onboard. All OK. Sea-tow responded and waited with them until the tide came back in. Unit 59 was stood down after Sea-tow arrived.  Family declined transport back to Ford’s Cover as they wanted to stay with their boat. A good example of not understanding the charts for this area.

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“Kids Don’t Float” is back in action!

The Deep Bay ‘Kids Don’t Float Kiosk’ is up on the main floating dock at Deep Bay. Starting from scratch to erection, it was quite time consuming project. Volunteer, Peter Ravensbergen donated his time generously with SAR Member Bon Thorburn to build and erect the structure; help from Natalie Thorburn and other Sar Members is also appreciated. The canopied structure is 12’ wide with room for a 4’ RCMSAR Unit 59 bulletin board that is still being designed. The “Kids…

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Cold Water Training At Comox Lake

During cold weather operations, most RCM-SAR crew members wear Mustang Survival flotation suits, which are designed to protect the wearer from foul or cold weather. The suits use closed-cell foam to offer flotation and hypothermia protection in the event of water immersion. In addition to cold water immersion exercises, participants practiced capsize survival and vessel re-boarding techniques; excellent training for search and rescue missions in our local waters.

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