Training Scenario #3

Training Scenario #3:



  • At the dock, review procedure for tying an alongside tow
  • Drive the boat away from the dock and then approach it bow-in and prepare for alongside towing. Time the procedure. Trade crews and repeat
  • Leaving one crew member on the dock, practice crossing the ‘T’ and throwing a line. Use proper knots when bringing in tow line
  • Take boat to Gov’t dock and tie the stern line to a piling. Practice commands and line handling. Let the boat take some strain. Check catenary. Change crews and repeat. Discuss results
  • Go out into the harbour. (Bring Bobby). Find a mooring buoy and practice stern towing
  • A crew member fell overboard while towing. (Throw Bobby overboard). Rescue him. Discuss and review procedures recovering a MOB while tow line is in the water
  • He is cold. Deal with First Aid procedures
  • Return to base


Day or night, all weather


  • These are potentially dangerous evolutions. The crew will demonstrate a sound understanding and application of towing safety*

* Critical Task

Special Requirements:

  • Bobby


  • Review chapter 8 and chapter 5 (knots), SOPs

Sign-off Items:

Crew Resource Management, Vessel Safety, Man Overboard,
Boat Handling (Confined), Crew Communication, First Aid (review),
Communication (VHF), Boat Handling (Docking), Rescue/Recovery,
Towing, Seamanship (Knots)