Training Scenario #5

Training Scenario #5:

Seamanship and Pump Work


Much of this scenario can be conducted alongside.

In Classroom:

  • The Coxswain (or designate) should lead a discussion on COLREGs, lights and buoys.
  • The crew should demonstrate knot tying skills: Round Turn and two half hitches, Bowline, Sheet Bend, Reef Knot
  • The correct way of coiling and stowing a line
  • Line materials and their purpose, characteristics and benefits
  • Discussion on verbal orders, (i.e., line handling)
  • Discuss and demonstrate oil spill management

On Dock:

  • Fire up pump and operate in dewatering mode.

On water:

  • Operate pump in personnel fire extraction mode.


Day or night, all weather

Special Requirements:

  • Ensure pump is thoroughly cleaned with fresh water


  • Demonstrate Deep Bay Harbour spill kit

Sign-off Items:

Crew Resource Management, Vessel Safety, Vessel Emergencies, Collision Regulations (review), Lights & Buoys, Nav Aids (review), Seamanship (Knots), SAR Prevention, Anchoring, Pump, Environmental/Pollution