Training Scenario #6

Training Scenario #6:

Shore Exercise


This is a complex and the most difficult exercise. The Coxswain will choose a relatively calm and shallow location. If possible, have a victim on shore. The Mapleguard is to proceed to the location, anchor, inflate dingy, send members ashore, render first aid (type is Coxswain’s choice), and recover victim.

In-depth discussion at the dock on dingy inflation and shore extraction will be useful.


Day, calm weather

Special Requirements:

  • If possible have a spare crew member as a victim ashore


  • Mapleguard, dingy

Sign-off Items:

Crew Resource Management, Vessel Safety, Boat Handling (Confined), Crew Communication, First Aid, Communication (VHF), Boarding/Pacing, Rescue/Recovery, Seamanship (Knots), Anchoring, Shore Extraction