Ron Chamney

Re-fit Is done! Rescue Boat “Back in Action”!

After a long summer of our rescue boat being out of action we are back in service just in time for dark and stormy nights of training! Facts of the re-fit: Rescue boats get a re-fit at the half life stage of the vessel. Life span of our boat is 20 years, our boat is 10 years old so was due for a re-fit. The boat was completely overhauled by the manufacturer; Titan Boat Works, Sidney BC The cost of…

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Overloading a Boat is Dangerous!

July 29, 2017     SAR Unit 59 Tasked at 13:45 Hobie Cat develops Hull / Rigging failure, possibly from overload. 3 adult males were in the water off Ships Point Park in Baynes Sound. All retrieved from water, one with mild hypothermia, all were taken to the shore at Ships Point Park. Hobie Cat retrieved and towed into Little Bay at Ships Point Park. 422 Squadron (Helicopter) and (Buffalo) were overhead; RCMP boat from Hornby and BC Ferries RIB all responded…

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Know Your Charts!

July 21, 2017        SAR Unit 59 Tasked at 07:00 32’ Sailboat aground on reef at Phipps Point, Lambert Channel, Hornby Island. Husband, wife and two pre-teen daughters and family dog onboard. All OK. Sea-tow responded and waited with them until the tide came back in. Unit 59 was stood down after Sea-tow arrived.  Family declined transport back to Ford’s Cover as they wanted to stay with their boat. A good example of not understanding the charts for this area.

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